911 Summary for the week of
Monday, April 28th, 2003 to Sunday, May 4th, 2003

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Monday, April 28, 2003

9:13 am A call of a sagebrush fire by the green belt, Deputy Shaw responded to discover it was a controlled burn that climbed the bank, and it was soon put out.

11:16 am A report of an individual who dumped his trash on the road up by the dump. Deputy Shaw was advised and cited the individual.

12:53 pm A woman reported she saw flames shoot out of the top of a power pole. She stated there was not a transformer on the pole, and it wasn't on fire. Deputy Shaw responded and dispatch contacted the power company.

2:48 pm Deputy Shaw assisted with a funeral escort.

3:11 pm Sheriff Van Etten went to a meeting with the Commissioners. Hospital issues were discussed.

6:00 pm 911 Emergency; A woman reported a one car roll over on highway 33 in Howe. Lost Rivers Ambulance, Arco Fire Department, Deputy Merrill and Deputy Barnes all responded.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

12:23 am Chief Deputy Collins out with a motorist assist.

8:37 am A report of a reckless driver, the individual had been scene running a stop sign and going at excessive speeds. Chief Deputy Collins was notified.

8:37 am A woman reported a dog that has attacked her dog on her own property and had concerns that the dog might hurt her son when he is outside. A report was filed and animal control was notified.

10:15 am 911 Emergency; A woman requested an ambulance for a woman who had an allergic reaction to a medication. Lost Rivers Ambulance responded and transported the individual to Lost River Hospital.

3:08 pm A local man spoke with Chief Deputy Collins in regards to a follow-up investigation.

7:38 pm A woman had saved a baby owl from her dog and wanted to know what to do with it. Dispatch notified Fish and Game Officer Silcock and Fish and Game Officer Holbrook.

8:40 pm A woman called to report she and her husband had been arguing and now he was driving around town. Deputy Merrill was notified and advised the individual not to drive, the individual found a place to stay for the night.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

8:26 am A woman that had filed a complaint on a neighbors dog called and requested that the complaint be pulled. She and the neighbor have worked out the problem. A report was filed at the Butte County Sheriff Office.

10:00 am Prosecuting Attorney Sisson requested the dispatch logs for Dec 14, 2002 regarding a DUI that happened. A copy of the logs was given to him.

10:20 am Chief Deputy Collins performed a follow up investigation at a business in Arco.

10:25 am Magistrate Court called and requested an inmates jail records. A copy of the records was given to them.

10:44 am Deputy Hansen issued two juveniles underage consumption citations.

11:00 am Probation Officer Straub called and requested some assistance in drug testing two of her probationers. Deputy Hansen assisted her.

11:03 am A man on a cell phone called and reported a one vehicle accident out by Craters of The Moon National Monument. Deputy Hansen, Lost Rivers Ambulance and Arco Fire Department responded. Lost Rivers Ambulance transported one female to Lost Rivers Medical Center.

12:14 pm A registered sex offender that is living in Arco came in and filled out a change of address on his registration.

1:50 pm An inmate was escorted to Magistrate Court, where he was released on his own recognizance. He was ordered to check in with Probation Officer McDermott once a day until his court date.

2:04 pm A man called and reported that a vehicle had driven by his residence very fast and that the stereo in the vehicle was turned up very loud and that that the driver had yelled obscenities at him when they went by. A report was filed at the Butte County Sheriff Office. Deputy Hansen was notified.

2:10 pm Deputy Hansen came to the Butte County Sheriff Office and assisted Probation Officer Straub in drug testing two juveniles.

4:54 pm A woman came to the Butte County Sheriff Office and complained that she had sold a car to a person in Custer County and that she had forgot to transfer the title. Custer County contacted her and told her that she had to pay the impound fees on the vehicle because it was in her name still. She spoke to the assessor and was again told to send in the paper work on the title. The assessor had advised her to send in the paper work right after she sold the car and she never did.

5:48 pm A man called and reported some pieces of metal on the road near the 20-26 Junction. Idaho State Police Dispatch was notified and said that they would send someone out to look.

5:51 pm Child Support Services of Arizona called and requested some information on an inmate that was being held in the Butte County Jail. They were given the information on how long he has been here and when his next court date is.

6:00 pm Sheriff Van Etten attended a drug education class being held at the Business Incubation Center.

6:15 pm Animal Control Owings came to the Butte County Sheriff Office to call a woman that wanted to adopt a dog in the dog pound. He called the number she had left and did not get an answer. He left to find her.

7:20 pm A man called and wanted to talk to the Probation Officer. He was advised that he could call tomorrow to talk to him unless it was an emergency.

7:37 pm A man called and reported that his sons bicycle was stolen. He was advised to come in and sign a statement in the morning.

8:00 pm A juvenile called and spoke to Deputy Merrill about the boy being out after curfew. He said that he was not even in the county. A report was filed at the Butte County Sheriff Office.

8:54 pm Deputy Merrill attempted to deliver a message to a woman in Arco. He could not locate the residence from the directions of the caller.

9:10 pm A man called and reported that some cows were out North of Arco. The owners were notified.

9:56 pm Dispatcher called the woman back about the message and tried to get an address. The woman gave the address again and gave dispatch another version of the message. Deputy Merrill located the woman and gave her the new message and who to call.

10:22 pm A man called and asked if there was anything going on out at the Big Southern Butte because he could see what looked like Police lights. He was advised that there wasn't any emergency out in that area.

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Thursday, May 01, 2003

10:29 am Power County Sheriff Sprague transported an inmate to the Butte County Jail. The inmate was booked in on Probation Violation charges to serve 6 months. The original charge was from 2000.

12:28 pm A man called and reported that some of his real estate signs had been stolen from properties around the Lost River and Arco areas. A report was filed at the Butte County Sheriff Office.

4:38 pm A man called and reported that he had some antler stolen recently. A report was filed at the Butte County Sheriff Office. The report was in relation to an investigation that is resulting in several arrests and charges.

4:55 pm Lost Rivers Medical Center called and reported that they had a boy come in that had been shot in the toe with a BB-Gun. Deputy Shaw responded and started a report.

5:36 pm A mother called and reported that her daughter had not returned home after school and that she wanted to report her as a run away. Dispatch advised her that since they lived in Custer County that they needed to file the report with them. The girls probation officer called and said that he would get the papers ready for a probation violation charge. Deputy Darland picked her up at her friends house and transported her to be held in the Juvenile Detention Room until the proper papers could be delivered.

8:00 pm Sheriff Van Etten attended an informational meeting in Mackay concerning the Lost River Hospital bond election.

8:03 pm A man called and reported a cow that was loose on Highway 93 north of Mackay. Custer County Dispatch was notified.

10:26 pm A man called and reported two cows out on Highway 93 north of Mackay. Custer County Dispatch was notified.

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Friday, May 02, 2003

6:30 am A call was received from the US Dept of Wildlife saying that they would be hunting coyote by airplane out on the INEEL today and tomorrow.

7:59 am Deputy Shaw went out to a local motel to do a motorist assist.

8:07 am Sheriff Van Etten along with Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Simpson, went to British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. Offices in Idaho Falls for a meeting regarding the up-coming air show.

8:36 am Deputy Barnes completed a paper service in the Howe area.

8:51 am A man called to report a black cow on Highway 93 mile marker 103 near Mackay. Custer County was notified.

8:56 am The burglar alarm at a local bank went off, they called to report that it was a false alarm.

9:03 am A local couple came to the Sheriffs Office for a notary service.

9:33 am Some people that had lost horns in the recent burglary came to the office to try and identify their horns.

9:47 am A local businessman came in to the office and filled out a statement regarding vandalism to his business signs.

10:26 am Deputy Shaw went out to a local residence to start an investigation.

10:51 am The Business Incubation Center called to let us know that about 20 students from Sandpoint will be spending the night on Saturday there.

10:54 am Deputy Shaw did a juvenile transport to the High School.

12:22 am One juvenile that was being held was released and went home with her family.

1:10 pm A call was received from Jefferson County asking if we had any warrants out on a certain individual, we did not.

2:36 pm A local individual came into the office and signed a complaint against a dog owner. Animal Control Owings was made aware of the complaint.

3:25 pm A woman came into the office to report that someone had broken into her house while she was out of town. Deputy Shaw was notified and responded to the house to talk with the woman.

4:44 pm A call with questions about the dump times was received from a local person.

5:17 pm Deputy Shaw performed a local paper service.

5:34 pm A woman called to see if we had her divorce papers and have they been served. We hadnt received them so they could not be served.

6:08 pm An individual called and wanted a deputy to take a house key away from her son; it was given to him because he was living there. Deputy Shaw responded to the scene and told the individual that the Sheriffs Office cannot take part in evictions without the proper legal papers.

7:00 pm A call was received from a local woman whose ex-husband was constantly calling and harassing her. Deputy Hansen attempted to call the man but couldn't get an answer when he called.

7:23: pm A local person called and wanted to know the curfew times for juveniles.

7:25 pm There was another call from the same woman whose husband was calling and harassing her. Deputy Hansen was notified and the woman was advised to call the phone company on Monday.

7:52 pm Sheriff Van Etten attended a Lost River Hospital meeting at the high school. The topic was the hospital bond issue.

8:28 pm A report of a flatbed hauling firewood with no tail lights was called in. The vehicle was on Hwy 93 North. Deputy Hansen was notified and located the vehicle.

9:52 pm The same woman mentioned above calling about the harassing phone calls from her ex-husband and his girlfriend. Deputy Hansen was notified.

11:43 pm A woman called to report that a white Chevy extended cab pick-up almost ran her off the highway 4 times. Deputy Shaw and Deputy Darland were notified. After a search of the area they were unable to locate the vehicle.

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

6:40 am A local woman came to the Sheriffs Office to report what appeared to be vandalism on an empty house in Arco. Deputy Shaw was contacted and responded to the scene. He found nothing that looked suspicious at the residence.

7:41 am ISP Corporal Stewart reported an abandoned vehicle on Highway 20/26, mm 255. Deputy Shaw was notified when he came on duty. When Deputy Shaw went to check the vehicle it had been moved.

9:12 am 911 Emergency, A local man reported backing into another local woman. There were no injuries and a tow truck was not needed. Deputy Shaw responded to the scene of the accident.

10:36 am Idaho State Police reported a one vehicle accident on Highway 22/33 South of Howe. There were no injuries however a wrecker was called to tow the vehicle into town because of the 3 flat tires. Deputy Barnes was notified of the accident and he responded to the scene to assist the driver.

12:31 pm Deputy Barnes transported the driver to meet his ride to a local restaurant.

1:45 pm A member of an inmates family came to the office to pick up money that the inmate had in his wallet.

8:12 pm A report of a suspicious man hanging around a business was called in by a local man. Chief Deputy Collins, Deputy Shaw, Deputy Hansen and Deputy Darland responded to the call. They talked with the man who said he was just passing through.

10:56 pm A report of a domestic disturbance was called in. All deputies on duty responded to the scene along with 2 SRT members who were having practice this night. The parties were separated and one was transported to another place to spend the night. The SRT members returned to the Sheriffs Office.

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

12:12 am 911 Emergency; A woman called to report that there was a man laying in her front yard. Dispatch notified Custer County.

12:16 am A girl called to report a dead dog on the highway near the Leslie Church. Dispatch called Custer County and they responded and removed the carcass of what turned out to be a porcupine.

6:19 am 911 Emergency; A man called to report a one vehicle rollover on highway 20/26. Deputy Shaw responded, along with an ambulance from the INEEL.

9:42 am A woman called to report that her husband is yelling at her and she wants his harassing to stop. She was advised to come to the office and fill out a statement.

11:39 am The above woman called back and wanted to speak to an officer. Deputy Shaw spoke to the woman.

12:42 pm A woman called to report that there were some sheep out on the highway near Howe, Deputy Hansen took the call.

4:44 pm A woman called to report that a cat had been run over near the Senior Citizens. Deputy Hansen responded and tried to move that cat; it then bit him and took off.

6:15 pm 911 Non Emergency; A hang up from a pay phone. Deputy Hansen responded and found the phone off the hook.

8:41 pm 911 Non Emergency; Wrong Number

10:38 pm A woman called and wanted the number for the local veterinarian.

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